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More than 4000 successful implant treatments

We are very proud of offer a wide range of dental treatments and procedures. St. Lukács Dental SPA uses the highest quality dental tools and our top skilled dentists provide all of our treatments in a splendid spa environment. If you decide by us, YOU  are in the focus

nobel biocare dental implants

Premium Quality Dental Implants

The dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It is composed of two parts: the implant which is inserted into the jawbone and the pillar which supports the new artificial tooth. The implants and pillars are biocompatible, pure 99% titanium allowing their fusions with the jaw bone: this is osseointegration. Dental implants have the advantage of being permanent and very resistant. They help experience the same sensations as with natural teeth. They offer a perfect reproduction of the tooth and require the same maintenance as normal teeth.

When should we resort to dental implants?

In order to your smile again, to be able to chew and eat properly or to get rid of an unconfortable denture for example. There is always an appropriate implant solution to restore your teeth. The benefits are immediate and can be a life long solution! As a result you can feel the same comfort as with natural teeth, the perfect shape and color is the cherry on top !

When a single tooth is missing,

and the remaining teeth typically bear a disproportionate pressure which results in disorders of the mandibular joint. The best treatment lies in choosing an implant.

If several teeth are missing,

and are too damaged to support a traditional dental bridge, the solution of a bridge supported by implant is considered. In this case, the number of necessary implants is less than the number of replaced teeth. For three or four missing teeth, just two implants will easily support the required three or four crowns.

If your removable dentures lack stability,

with the help of implants, we can give them a stable base to allow wearing them in all circumstances.

Standard course of the implantation process.

Day 1.

Meeting with your surgeon, oral and radiological examination to confirm or refine your treatment plan. Once Understood and accepted, your care can begin.

- Full hygenic dental treatment
- Implant placement
- Report of the operation and advice for healing

Day 2.

Return to the clinic for a check-up

Day 3.

Last control and guidance before your go home

Day 4. (second time)

3D Scan to Check healing and good integration of your implant. Small incision under local anesthesia to activate the implant. Impressions taking and sending to the lab for creating your new crown.

Days 5,6 and 7

Crafting and testing your new crown, occlusion check and final fixing of your new tooth.

How does the operation unfold?

The preparations having been completed, we can replace your teeth with implants. A local anesthetesia guarantees a painless treatment. Once the implant bed is numbed, the implantologist incises your gums and drills a pre-calibrated hole in your jaw. The titanium implant is then inserted therein, and your gums stitched. The surgery is complete, it will have lasted less than 20 min. The healing of an average of 3 or 4 months takes place.


Other dental treatments


The crown is a dental prosthesis used to replace or to cover a damaged tooth. During a repair, the crown can be set on a pillar (inlay core) or directly on the damaged tooth. Upon the complete replacement of a tooth the crown is cemented or screwed on an implant. The crown can also serve as a “bridge” between two pillars, which can also be crowned; we call this process a (dental) bridge.

We offer different types of crowns

Metal-ceramic dental crown

This crown is made of a non-allergic metals and dental ceramic. The alloy is used as the basis to be covered with a series of ceramic layers. The metal-ceramic crown is by far the most commonly used, because it has a long lasting durability and is a very good value for money. Its major drawback is letting to appear, after some time, a gray border when the gum retracts.

Ceramic-zirconia dental crown

This crown is made of a zirconium base with ceramic lining. These crowns are the lightest, the most aesthetically pleasing and most durable. The zirconia used in dentistry is biocompatible. It therefore avoids any allergy, is the least sticky and limits the formation of bacterial plaque. These crowns today represent the high end of modern dentistry.

The original graftless full-arch solution on four implants

Two straight anterior implants and two posterior implants tilting up to 45° and avoiding the anatomical structures.

Immediate Function for patients meeting criteria for immediate loading of implants.

Graftless procedure for shorter treatment time and reduced costs, compared to conventional full arch treatments.5

Studies show stable marginal bone levels and healthy soft tissue both for tilted and axial implants

Nobel Biocare offers the widest range of implants available for graftless treatment of edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients.


The All-on-4® concept is a cost-efficient, graftless solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the week of the surgery.

Nobel Biocare offers an extensive implant range for graftless treatment – from standard to challenging cases.


The veneer is a form of “cosmetic” restoration, often used on front teeth. It corrects many unattractive conditions respecting the tooth that supports it. The veneer covers only the surface of the tooth which is exposed when smiling. It can repair:

Inequalities in length and tooth position

The color problems caused for example by caffeine or nicotine

A slightly damaged or cracked tooth

Sinus Lift

Sometimes the bone volume is not sufficient in the upper molars to be able to have an implant.
The maxillary sinus, this air-filled cavity behind the cheek, is the cause.
Our implantologist conducts what is called a sinus lift with a bone graft, in such a case.
Under local anesthesia, a graft is placed under the membrane of the lifted sinus to fill the missing bone volume.
In the view of implantology, implants will be placed in a simultaneous way to the graft, or a differed way

Hygienic treatment

Before any surgery, our hygenists conduct a complete treatment of your mouth and teeth. Scaling and deep cleaning are necessary for the success of the intervention. It also allows us to identify the exact color of your teeth when taking the impressions.