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You also agree to receive oral or written communications in connection with the processing of your request, and to integrate a list of contacts for the sending of grouped communications (of the Newsletter type), as an extension of the informative section offered by the Site .



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Legal Notice


The site “” is intended for anyone interested in the possibilities and questions related to dental care in Hungary. The information on this site may be considered medical advice but does not replace a physical consultation with a health professional. Budapest-implant is not part of the patient-doctor relationship: its role is limited to providing information (as complete as it is) on dental care in Hungary, and to connecting with healthcare professionals . The information or advice, if any, is not a medical consultation and should not exempt the doctor or the patient from a consultation with an anamnesis and a clinical examination, which alone can lead to a diagnosis and a prescription.



The site “” is the property of the Hungarian company Smile Ajba Bt.

This site is informative on dental care in Hungary, and operates as an information and networking platform. Its objective is to deliver reliable information and respond to requests from people awaiting information or medical advice and from qualified doctors. As it is not a teleconsultation service, it is not a substitute for consulting a doctor (in particular in the event of an emergency). This service is therefore not intended to compete with clinical medicine, but complements and supports it.


  1. General conditions

Any use of our website (‘Site’) is subject to these terms of use. By accessing and browsing this site, you declare to be informed of your rights and obligations, as a user (‘User’) and you fully agree to comply with these conditions of use of the site. If you disagree with these terms of use, please stop using this site.


  1. Use and information

When a User issues a request for information, a connection or provides his contact details, he accepts that a file is opened in order to respond to his request. The opening of a file on the initiative of the user requires entering their personal information, and is subject to acceptance of these terms. By its approach, the User authorizes “” to process or transmit its request, in order to be able to respond to it in accordance with the User’s approach. The possible linking function is performed on the basis of a reasoned request from the User who acts with full knowledge of the facts. The User acknowledges that he remains completely free to choose his practitioner at any time and that the use of this site must not jeopardize this basic principle. To consult the list of health professionals near him or the alternatives available to him, the User carries out the associated searches himself.

The use of this site is graceful and open. “” takes special care with the quality of the information on the site. However, if there is erroneous information or omissions, they fall outside the scope of the company’s responsibility. We invite you to independently and freely verify the information on this site before accepting it as such. We decline any form of responsibility in connection with any interpretation or use of elements of this site, as well as other sources or other sites to which certain links may point.

This site disseminates information and part of the site may contain medical content, with a view to assisting the care candidate in his search for information or maintaining his health with him within the framework of a cross-border care. However, the site is prohibited from providing any medical advice: for any medical point, please consult a healthcare professional yourself.

This must therefore be clear to any User: the subsequent services offered by the care or service providers are their exclusive responsibility and do not bind the Site. The responsibility of “” in terms of interpretation or use of the data on said site by the User, as well as in terms of any follow-up that the user believes he has the right to give on the basis of these same contents is therefore null and void.

Finally, “” reserves the right, at any time and freely, whether there is prior notice or not, to make any necessary changes to the content of its website, or even to interrupt the operation of this site and related services, or delete active user data (old or recent), whether temporarily or permanently.


  1. Confidentiality charter

The recording of information and other personal data that we are able to receive or communicate are subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy: you hereby declare that you have read, understood and accept the terms.


  1. Services offered by third parties

Services from healthcare providers (dental clinics or healthcare professionals) or ancillary providers (logistics providers) may potentially appear on this Site or be mentioned there. The information concerning these services and coming from said third parties, follows and obeys the decisions and exclusive operating procedures of these third parties. “” is immediately out of any field of responsibility in any link (or interaction) able to initiate or extend between the User and said third parties and declines any type of responsibility for any direct or indirect damage in connection with the dissemination or use of its site, or the services that may appear there.


  1. Copyright

By accessing the site, you agree to comply with the Intellectual Property Code and with international treaties and agreements containing provisions relating to the protection of copyright, creations and models and / or brands.

This is how you prohibit yourself from downloading, even partially reproducing, selling, distributing, emitting, publishing or communicating in any form whatsoever, the data, articles, photos, illustrations, animated sequences which appear on the site. Only written, prior and specific authorization from Smile Ajba bt. or his assigns can adjust this provision.

You also refrain from introducing data, photos or illustrations on the site, which would modify or could modify the content or the appearance of the data, articles, photos, illustrations appearing on the site.


  1. Liability and legislation

“” does not in any way replace dentists or health professionals in general, nor provide medical advice, which only health professionals can legally provide following a consultation or clinical examination. The medical component is therefore entirely and solely the responsibility of a dental surgeon or of the clinic which provides final care according to the agreements which it concludes with the care candidate. Also, any pre or post-surgical litigation must be settled with the attending surgeon or the clinic concerned directly.

The User accepts that Hungarian law applies to these terms of use and that any dispute relating to the medical aspect is subject to the regulations and the jurisdiction of the courts where the healthcare providers are domiciled, with whom a contractual relationship which commits the signatory parties.

We make sure that the site meets EU law, which includes or excludes any piece of legislation from any particular country. If you fall under the prohibition to consult any element of this site in accordance with the laws of your country, then you must stop accessing this site or using its services.

More information on national legislation is available from the Council of European Dentist (

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