Dental treatments


The veneer is a form of “cosmetic” restoration, often used on front teeth. It corrects many unattractive conditions respecting the tooth that supports it. The veneer covers only the surface of the tooth which is exposed when smiling. It can repair:

  • Inequalities in length and tooth position
  • The color problems caused for example by caffeine or nicotine.
  • A slightly damaged or cracked tooth

Sinus lift

Sometimes the bone volume is not sufficient in the upper molars to be able to have an implant.
The maxillary sinus, this air-filled cavity behind the cheek, is the cause.
Our implantologist conducts what is called a sinus lift with a bone graft, in such a case.
Under local anesthesia, a graft is placed under the membrane of the lifted sinus to fill the missing bone volume.
In the view of implantology, implants will be placed in a simultaneous way to the graft, or a differed way.

Hygienic treatment

Before any surgery, our implantologists conduct a complete treatment of your mouth and teeth. Scaling and deep cleaning are necessary for the success of the intervention. It also allows us to identify the exact color of your teeth when taking impression.


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