Transparency of your dental care in Hungary

Here is a non-exhaustive sample of prices offered for your care.

Consultation and diagnosis

Consultation, clinical examination Free
Panoramic radiography Free
Treatment plan Free
3D Scan (CT) 90 €

Dental surgery and implantology

Alphabio Implant (10-year Guarantee) 480 €
Alphabio Pillar (10-year Guarantee) 120 €
Ankylos Implant (Lifetime Guarantee) 700 €
Ankylos Pillar (Lifetime Guarantee) 200 €
Sinus lift (filling material included) 790 €
Removal 55 €
Surgical removal 149 €

Conservative treatment

Inlay/onlay E-Max 275 €
Composite filling 90 €
Root canal treatment (Gold Reciproc process) 125 €

Periodontal surgery

Curettage closed by quadrant 250 €
Curettage opened by quadrant 550 €
Apicoectomy 220 €

Restorative care

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 260 €
Porcelain-fused-to-zirconia crown 380 €
E-Max ceramic crown 380 €
Long-term temporary crown 60 €
Porcelain fused to zirconia veneer 380 €

Dental prostheses

Full dentures 595 €
Precision attachments 250 €


Whitening by a dentist 320 €
Medical kit 25 €
Complete hygienic treatment 70 €

Payment for your dental care

With Budapest-Implant you only pay for the treatment received. There is no advance requested. Our clinic accepts payments in Euros (€) by Visa and Mastercard. A cash payment will give you 3% discount on your care. We do not accept bank transfers.

Record of repayment

Thanks to its experience, our clinic will provide the necessary documents for putting together your CPAM and complementary health insurance plan reimbursement record. You can download the detailed refund procedure here.


Our Ankylos dental implants are guaranteed for life

Our crowns, bridges, dentures for 5 years

Our veneers for 2 years

We guarantee total traceability of your dental implants through the implant passport that you will receive at the end of treatment. It shows the origin, the series number and characteristics of your implants.
Our clinic takes full responsibility for the treatment provided to its patients. Our surgeons use all their knowledge and experience, so that your care is appropriate, effective and sustainable. We ask our patients to have the same rigor during their recovery periods. We will explain to you in detail the hygiene habits for avoiding the risks. If you are not liable and in case of dental implant failure, we completely take charge of the repair or reconstruction in our clinic. Your accommodation costs in one of our hotels or apartments will be offered for the duration of your treatment, only the airfare will be your responsibility.
We trust our treatments, our equipment and our patients. However, in all transparency, we reserve the right to void our guarantees in the following cases:
If the patient’s oral hygiene is neglected
If the patient does not make an annual dental check and have a professional descaling done in France (invoice required) or in our clinic
In case of smoking or alcoholism
If the patient does not follow the instructions of our implantologist
If the patient does not inform us promptly of problems encountered
If removable restoration, such as dentures, are not regularly maintained and stored properly
If the patient’s gums or bone retracts
If a bodily injury damages a completed treatment
If a loss or significant weight gain is recognized
If a treatment or illness has direct or indirect effects on the patient’s dental condition (diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, X-rays, chemotherapy etc.)
Our clinic cannot be held responsible at the time of the treatment for non-detectable problems on the patient’s initial radiograph


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