The crown is a dental prosthesis used to replace or to cover a damaged tooth. Upon the complete replacement of a tooth the crown is placed on an implant. During a repair, the crown can be set on a pillar (inlay-onlay) or directly on the damaged tooth. The crown can also serve as a “bridge” between two pillars, which can also be crowned; we call this process a (dental) bridge.

We offer different types of crowns

The metal-ceramic crown is made of a non-allergic metals and dental ceramic alloy. The alloy is used as the basis to be covered with a series of ceramic layers. The metal-ceramic crown is by far the most commonly used, because it has a long lasting durability and is a very good value for money. Its major drawback is letting to appear, after some time, a gray border when the gum retracts.

The ceramic-zirconia dental crown is made of a zirconium base with ceramic lining. These crowns are the lightest, the most aesthetically pleasing and most durable. The zirconia used in dentistry is biocompatible. It therefore avoids any allergy, is the least sticky and limits the formation of bacterial plaque. These crowns today represent the high end of modern dentistry.


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