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Our clinic has many values that you may also find important. We’d like to show you all these so that you can make an unbiased and well-based decision should you face more serious dental treatments.

Everything is in one place at Saint Lukacs SPA Dental clinic to seek durable and aesthetic solutions for your dental problems:

  • Well-trained dental professional with international experienced
  • European standard clinic with a touch of a SPA
  • Four dental rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technique and air-condition system
  • Two air-conditioned waiting rooms with pleasant atmosphere
  • Digital Orto-panoramic and intraoral x-rays

Our Team

Dr Tamás Ruszin

Specialist in dentoalveolar surgeries and implantology

Dr. Ruszin graduated in 2006 with Summa cum laude from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Semmelweis Medical University. After graduation he spent his years of residency in Department of Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology of the Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest.

In 2009 he passed dento-alveolar surgery final exam, then got involved in treating patients. He participated as clinical specialists in the training program for students both in English and Hungarian. He also took part in the postgraduate training for implant and oral surgery of colleagues. He specializes in modern dental implant procedures, implant-supported dentures, computer-guided implantation and the surgical solutions for massive bone defects.

As a skilled professional Dr. Ruszin’s precision work is not only supported by his relevant 9-year experiences but he also puts great emphasis on international conferences and courses to learn the latest methods of his expertise.

Dr Nagy Róbert

Specialist in dentoalveolar surgeries and implantology

He graduated in 2010 with Summa cum laude from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Semmelweis Medical University. In the meantime he studied on a 3-months scholarship at Karolinska institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

Between 2010 and 2014 he worked as a clinical teacher at the Oral and Maxillofacial Clinic of the Semmelweis Medical University. Dr. Nagy graduated as dentoalveolar surgeon in 2013 with excellent results. Dr. Nagy gained experience in practical and theoretical training of Hungarian and foreign students in the field of oral surgery and implantology. His specialities are classic oral surgeries, implantology, and computer-designed bone reconstructions and gum corrections.

As a skilled professional Dr. Nagy’s precision work is not only supported by his relevant 5-year experiences but he also puts great emphasis on international conferences and courses to learn the latest methods of his expertise.

Dr Péter Márton Steinhof

Orthodontist – Specialist of healthy, even smile that gives you confidence

His work is leeding by precision and perfectionism. The priority for him is to make sure you get the full picture of your orthodontic treatment.

He will outline different alternatives to help you make a well-thought-out decision. During the treatment he focuses on making every procedure painless and the time you need to spend in chair short yet effective.

He is specialized in treating orthodontic and temporomandibular joint problems. He has knowledge of and apply many different techniques for orthodontic treatments while paying special attention to facial harmony and the protection of mandibular joints.

He regularly attends international and Hungarian conferences and courses. Since 2012 he has been teaching orthodontists about the system of passive self-closing devices, and their potential application.


Dental hygienist

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Dental hygienist

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Patient Reviews

  • I researched to find a clinic that could update my dentition. After analyzing and comparing the offers received, I chose Budapest-Implant in relation to their overall offer. It had the best value for money. Choosing behind a screen or reading emails is not easy ... And yet you have to get started! From the moment your plane ticket is taken, Budapest-Implant will take care of your whole stay in Budapest! (Clinic, apartment ...) During the whole stay, I was never surprised by a performance below the expected! What was promised was kept! See more ! It is extremely reassuring to have Jean-Baptiste as a guide during this stay! Arrives the first passage to the clinic ... It is as in the pictures of the site! The implantologists or dentists are there! These are not extras! True dental surgeons! I was confident right from the door of the clinic! The program has been followed to the letter! The presence of JB greatly facilitates the exchanges with the implantologist! For this trip, my program was planned in two parts: The confirmation of the works after examination of my teeth, a caries to treat (not planned but done) then a scaling of competition! Not the thing to the French fast ... No 35 to 40 'of scaling and cleaning! Never had a result of this quality! Besides, my wife took the opportunity to do her own! After a break necessary to prepare the cabinet for the break of the implants ... (JB took the opportunity to make me discover the thermal baths of St Lukas ...) On the way back, the implantologist (I was going to say my ...), with the help of his assistant, posed as a professional my 6 implants! In two times 45/50 '! With serenity and with a mastered technique! I left with my medications provided (antibiotic and pain relief) and advice for the after! The next day, a quick check visit to ensure the quality of work! The third day, new visit! Control, first sutures removed and the start of the file for the SS! The first part of my program is realized! Without a hitch, no bad surprise! In total confidence The appointment is taken for the next stay and the laying of my 20 crowns! I do not regret my choice and I share it with my Friends Solognots ... answering their questions! Traveling, taking care of the SS, accommodation, visiting Budapest, restaurants, clinics and treatments ... In short, everything that makes your stay a success by leaving with a beautiful and massive smile! Already, it is a clinic where the Hungarians come to be treated as well! This is not a dental tourists factory! The 3 dentists are there and they are their bosses! Their interests are that their customers are satisfied! The competition is there! "Dentists" are recognized internationally in Europe! The implants are of the latest generation! Me are Alpha bio with the booklet ... The journey is taken care of by the SS ... A discovery! The care is reimbursed as for a French dentist! A tip, you can pay in cash ... which decreases your bill by 3% ... Budapest-Implant picks you up at the airport! Transport you whenever necessary to the clinic ... Give you tips for sightseeing, public transport and restaurants! In the end, I have two hours to go to Roissy ... Two hours of embarkation ... Two hours of travel ... And an hour after I went to the clinic ... By taking the first AF flight of 6:55, you are at 10:00 at the clinic ! A good night in Budapest in order to enjoy this beautiful city and you can leave the next afternoon ... See if you are in a hurry you leave by the plane from 5pm ... and you are back in the evening! It's so much simpler than your dentist with these months of waiting and length of care! In two trips my treatment will be carried out with 1 stay of four days and a second of 10 days three months later! While enjoying this beautiful city of Budapest!
    Mr&Mme Theffo,This is not a dental tourists factory!

  • “Dr. Ruszin has been my dentist for years now. He is extremely thorough and conscientious yet kind in every situations and empathic. I trust him unquestionably.”

    Dr Pap Agnes,"I trust him unquestionably”

  • “I am one of the very satisfied patients. Nothing proves this better than the fact we have followed our dentist to numerous clinics. Professional and joyful team”

    Lázár Szilvia and her family,"followed our dentist to numerous clinics"

  • Excellent experience !!
    " Thanks to Dr. Ruszin for his accessibility, professionalism and quality of work. They respected the treatment plan, had a detailed examination and explanations and a painless operation.
    The whole team made my stay comfortable. The support and monitor of my care were remarkable.
    Also thank you to Jean-Baptiste for his translations and his unwavering support throughout my two stays.
    The clinic is beautiful and very modern, we felt assured as soon as we arrived."

    Ludovic,Excellente experience!!

  • "I received a real quality care that I have ever had in France before!
    The clinic's owners are the doctors who treat you, so they put their knowledge to do it right.
    For me it was Dr. Ruszin who directed my care and the result is perfect (Bridge on implant).
    The clinic is not large but it is superbe (located in the thermal baths ...)
    Importantly for me, the coordinator is French, which facilitated and made more comfortable my 2 stays and all exchanges.
    The hard part is deciding to leave, then everything goes as planned.
    I recommend this clinic to anyone who still hesitates!"

    Stephane,Do not hesitate!

  • “A few years ago a mild ache I managed to handle with pills made me see dr. Ruszin. He suggested an extraction and implantation all done at the same time. He performed the surgery with impeccable proficiency and - to my astonishment – without causing any pain.”

    Dr Bona Judit,Surgery with high proficiency

  • “Dr. Ruszin is my dentist for years, and I must tell I’m absolutely satisfied with his expertise and works. Either a hygienic treatment, a filling or an implant is done, dr. Ruszin makes it perfect.”

    Dr Harsányi-Molnár Norbert,"Dr. Ruszin makes it perfect"

  • "It's been 2 years now that someone suggested me to visit Dr Ruszin, I had a full renovation with a prothesis on implants. I immediately adopted it with no issue, and my surrounding is just astonished by my new smile! I highly recommend the proficiency and quality based work of Dr Ruszin! Thanks again!"

    Szegediné Katalin,

  • "I'm consulting Dr Steinhof over 10 years now! He recommended his collegues for a complicated operation of my wisdom tooth, that' s how I met Dr Nagy Robert who just operated me with painless success! All my family is treated by this Clinic, we are all very satisfied!"

    Mezei-Schopper Carol,All my family is treated by this Clinic

  • "I would like to thank with these few words the big work of Dr Nagy and his assistants all the professionalism and assurance I got during my implant operations! I'm completely satisified with the result, it answered exactly to my needs. If I would need choose again a doctor, it would be definitively Dr Nagy again! I recommend to all my surrounding!"

    Bodor Ilona,

  • "All my dental interventions of 2 years with Dr Tamas Ruszin can be descibed with one single word: Professionalism.

    His explications are clear and reassuring. He is humble and extremely talented. His hands are not shaking, and there is no treatment where I ever felt pain. He made me forgot all my bad experiences with previous dentists. The clinic in term of quality and comfort is just as high level as the treatments themselves. I can highly recommend with no hesitation!"

    Mr Molnár Tamás,Highly recommend!

  • “Dr. Ruszin is dealing with every patient with utmost proficiency. Even the feared wisdom tooth extraction went so well I didn’t realize he’d finished it."

    Dr Szabo Eszter,Utmost proficiency


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